We have been looking forward to it and it has finally arrived: our Student Concert 2023, reflecting all the efforts and dedication of both students and teachers.
The choice of the impressive Theater Hall with two Yamaha grand pianos as location has contributed to the magical atmosphere of this musical celebration.
We thank parents, grandparents, relatives and friends for their support as their presence and encouragement have inspired the students in their musical journey.
Our concert has not only highlighted the musical achievements of the students, but also their growth as individuals and artists.
The students have worked on their piano pieces with great dedication and enthusiasm in order to play them with precision and feeling, and to prepare themselves well for this special moment. Our students have shown their talents and shined on stage!
The diversity in the compositions performed, ranging from classical to contemporary and from calm melodies to lively rhythms, has enriched the concert and provided the audience with a captivating listening experience.
After the concert of the young students, we had a wonderful continuation of the afternoon – the concert of our adult students. Everyone enjoyed the play of our adult talents!
The Student Concert 2023 was a great success and a source of pride for both students and teachers.
We look forward to the new academic year – another fruitful and educational period for all our students!